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The Gifts from God Talent Show is a private Christian Talent show in midtown Manhattan that intertwines jazz, popular music, dance and poetry with biblical scriptures from the Christian bible in an annual changing theme dedicated towards the betterment of humanity. The theme for November 2017’s production is World Peace.

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Open Call

The Gifts from God Talent Show will begin to interview adult volunteer assistants who have skills in one or more areas: Social media on-line promotion, grant proposal, dance, music instruction, writing, sponsorship acquisition, media outreach, public relations and/or knowledge of biblical scripture reading. Selection of the team is based on a skill and good quality character.

All participants will be credited on the performance brochure. College and graduate letter of recommendation for those attending an academic institution can be requested for those who do exceptional work from the director towards the end of the event.

The rehearsals will be held once a month, one hour, on a Saturday or alternative week day evening after work (i.e.) 6:60-7:30 pm. Ripley-Grier Studio, 520 8th Avenue, 16th FL, Manhattan, NY 10018 (by appointment only). ID required via security to enter the building. Please forward your resume or any inquires to Ms. Ford, Creative Talent Director.

In Production

Summer interview process has begun once a month.

Help Wanted

Skilled volunteer assistance needed in key positions.

Adults Only

For ages 18 years old and above only inquire to participate.

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The Work

Myra Ford is the director, voice consultant and creator of the Gifts from God Talent Show. A christian musical variety show featuring song, dance and poetry set to biblical scriptures with a specific theme. This year's theme is World Peace. Myra Ford was inspired to address this topic after reading all the disappointing news about so much discord in the world and how it effected the American people. The show is geared towards adults. It educates and encourages the average person to search the bible for wisdom and answers. The show features wonderfully skilled and talented performers in the area of song, dance and poetry. The video back drop is TV news oriented and colorful to view, adding rich visual stimulation to the eyes.

“I have known Myra Ford for 10 years. In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Myra Ford is one of those people. She is well known for her exceptional personality qualities as the creator, producer and director of The Gift from God Talent Show. She is well respected throughout her community, colleagues and friends. Through the years of knowing and working with her, she has demonstrated a positive, motivated leader with amazing organizational expertise.”
Adele T.
“Myra Ford is a focused and dedicated entrepreneur with that passion to guide and assist New York City budding talents to their next level. With a well defined training system all students will have the critical tools necessary to succeed in their performance crafts.”
Cynthia P.


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Telephone: (917) 294-9241

520 8th Ave, 16th Fl
New York, NY 10018

By appointment only