About Us

Gifts From God: Where Talent Thrives, Appreciation Blossoms, and the Stage Becomes a Canvas of Artistic Brilliance!

The script for the show is written , researched and composed by the director Myra Ford, MPA founder of the talent show since 2017. The director also wrote the theme jazz oriented song for the show called : “My Gifts from God “ about her childhood growing up in the performing arts and the love of a supportive parent. The show showcase celebrities from the Broadway stage and television and features published writers, poets and actors .

Welcome to “Gifts From God,” where talent meets appreciation and artistic expression finds its truest form. Established in 2017, our platform is the brainchild of Myra Ford, MPA, a visionary director and the soul behind this extraordinary talent show. With a passion for nurturing creativity, Myra has meticulously crafted each show script, researching and composing to create a unique stage where talents shine.

“My Gifts from God,” the theme jazz-oriented song composed by Myra, is a heartfelt ode to her childhood immersed in the performing arts and the unwavering support of a loving parent. This song encapsulates the spirit of our platform, where talents are not just showcased but celebrated with a deep sense of gratitude.

At “Gifts From God,” we take pride in our ability to bring together celebrities from Broadway and television, along with published writers, poets, and actors, creating a dynamic blend of talent that transcends boundaries. Our stage is not just a showcase; it’s a celebration of the human spirit, where every performance is a gift, and every artist is a source of inspiration. Join us on this remarkable journey of talent, creativity, and appreciation – a journey that continues to unfold and enrich lives since our inception in 2017.